Roest Engineering

Roest Engineering found her existence in 2010 and was founded by Perry Roest.

Perry has been working as a Piping Mechanical specialist for many years. After all these years working, Perry showed his offspring the importance of HSE.

After following a study regarding HSE in Belgium both his sons, Marvin and Bruce Roest, started to build their careers to become HSE specialists.

After 6 years, Marvin joined the team to build the company as it is now. Roest Engineering BVBA was started to become a well-known company when it comes to hire professional HSE staff. This may vary between HSE supervisors and HSE managers.

After 2 years of working in Belgium, Perry and Marvin decided to expand their horizon by starting the company in The Netherlands. As from 2018, Roest Engineering BV was founded.

Our Vision

Safety is priority, not only for Roest Engineering but also for other companies.

To maintain certainty that we can be the connection between a Company and the right individual that has the type of working regarding the experience of the task at hands for it to be the best match, Roest Engineering BV works with a small list of HSE Specialists. The main reason for this is so that Roest Engineering BV gets to know the individual really well so that the match between the individual and the Company will be 110% perfect. This goes both ways of course and for that reason, Roest Engineering BV strives to have the best possible way of communication between her employees and her customers.

Roest Engineerings’s, “open door” policy, will contribute to the fact that the communication will be going two ways.

Roest Engineering BV is here to help, so you can stop looking and start solving.

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